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About Us

Showcase exceptional products

Create links between people and cultures

Have fun with friends


This is what motivated us to found the company Importo Sàrl and the create the brand “Live-Wine” ( ) in spring 2021.  


Four friends - Norberto Alves, Bruno Encarnaçao, Benoît Florey and Patrick Zwahlen - who met ten years ago during our studies in business economics.


Our goal is to import and distribute exceptional wines in Switzerland. The notion of exception is very important to us and this does not only apply to products but also to producers.


The “Live” of our brand signifies the exchange and the relationships between people and cultures through a community, which we want to achieve with various events that we will organize in the future.


The mass markets do not interest us. In a sustainable approach, we also want our wines to be complementary to local products in Switzerland.

We hope to be able to share our passion with you!


Bruno Encarnação, Norberto Alves, Benoît Florey, Patrick Zwahlen visiting the magnificent Quinta Nova de Nossa Sra do Carmo.

The superb vineyards and the Douro river in the background.


View from Quinta do Tedo on the Tedo river, which joins the Douro a few meters after this picturesque landscape.

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